Tamako Kobayashi

photo of Tamako Kobayashi[On raising awareness about old and often threatened trees.] “We set up booths about heritage trees and displayed seeds from the kapok tree, a Singapore tree with cottony seeds. The older generation used to take this cotton from the seeds to stuff their pillows. So when they see them, it brings up memories and they want to talk with us. This helps to convey the importance of conserving mature trees and taking care of the environment. When it becomes personal, then they will start to listen.”


Tamako Kobayashi has worked for 15 years in Singapore’s national parks agency, focusing on the protection of trees of cultural or ecological importance. She has been part of the Parks Team, the Park Excellence Team, and the Heritage Trees and Public Outreach Team. She has been involved in the design and management of Labrador Nature Reserve and Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.