Stories of Change

photo of Jared Johnson

Jared “JJ” Johnson

Climate Corps Fellow, Acterra

photo of Vic Borrill

Vic Borrill

Brighton and Hove Food Partnership

photo of Mason Chock

Mason Chock

County Council of Kaua‘i

photo of Stephen Abbott

Stephen Abbott

Principal at Rocky Mountain Institute in the Urban Transformations Team

photo of Okty Damayanti

Okty Damayanti

Corporate Social Responsibility Divisional Head of Adaro Energy, Indonesia

photo of Ruth Abbe

Ruth Abbe

Steering Committee for Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda and Zero-Waste Consultant

photo of Fran Pavley

Fran Pavley

Environmental Policy Director, Schwarzenegger Institute, USC

photo of Carmen Ramírez

Carmen Ramírez

Ventura County Supervisor for District 5

photo of Wendy Chou

Wendy Chou

Communications and Outreach Manager, Acterra

photo of Jared Huffman

Jared Huffman

California Congressman for 2nd District

photo of Patty Cronheim

Patty Cronheim

Campaigns Director at New Jersey League of Conservation Voters

photo of Cary Moon

Cary Moon

Executive Director of Friends of the Mississippi River

photo of Lynda Deschambault

Lynda Deschambault

Environmental Activist

photo of Margaret Christie

Margaret Christie


photo of Whitney Clark

Whitney Clark

Executive Director of Friends of the Mississippi River

photo of David Kappler

David Kappler

Vice President of Issues and Advocacy at Alps Trails Club

photo of Andy Winnick

Andy Winnick

Activist and Cal State LA Professor Emeritus

photo of Richard Conlin

Richard Conlin

Co-founder of Sustainable Seattle

photo of Kirsten Bryant

Kirsten Bryant

Outreach Director of the Greater Birmingham Alliance to Stop Pollution